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Email Communication to Members

The cost of mailing information to our members is becoming more expensive than the Association can bear. Each piece we send to you costs us at least $2. When this is multiplied by the number of members and the multiple mail-outs per year, you can see why we are using regular mail less and less to inform you of activities.

We will no longer provide annual financial statements or minutes of the AGM to all members. If you want a copy, you will have to request one from the Secretary or your Regional Director.

As well, most Regions will be providing information on upcoming activities through LINK/LIEN, or on our web site with email invitations only being sent to members.

Because of this it is very important that you provide an email address – your personal one or one where you can receive communications (neighbour, relative, friend) – to the secretary and / or your Regional Director. Co-ordinates for these individuals can be found on the web site under Contacts.

We continue to advise that your personal information – address, telephone number, email address – is never shared without your consent and is held by the Directors only for Association business.

We are stressing the importance of this for future communication. At present LINK / LIEN is not available for distribution electronically due to logistics but is available on our web site.


If you wish to share a milestone that you or a member of your family has met, please send it to content editor and we will be happy to post it here.

Personal Notices:

There are no personal notices at this time.

If you have a personal notice you would like to have posted on this site, please send it to the content editor.

There are no personal notices at this time.